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RUPadded? Who R We?

This site and abdlc.com will be closing down March 1st. Please make certain to save you photos before then as I do not plan on retrieving them for individuals. The site RUPadded.com and ABDLC.com are for sale and I will entertain reasonable offers. Thank you. I can be contacted at owner@rupadded.com

What R we? Who R we? What do we do? Well we R RUPadded.com. We are one of the largest AB/DL and Diaper Fetish social networking sites on the internet and our goal is to bring people that share these interests together. We do this by allowing members to create free profiles, upload photos and video as well as share links to venders and other personal sites. We help promote parties and get-togethers in our events section as well as allow groups on the site to help you meet people that you have even more in common with. Start your own group or join in with others it's totally up to you.

Our goal is simply to give our members the best site possible, Point Blank. We will do whatever we can, however we can, and whenever we can to provide the best site for our members because they should get nothing less than that. Our site is extremely customizable; choose the way the whole site looks and even how others view your profile. (Heck you can even choose who sees what particular items on your profile.) Make the whole site yours! Browse the member base and connect with new people. Make new friends with us!

We ask R U Padded? We know that we are and that probably means we have at least one thing in common. Friendships grow on common grounds, join our site, be our friend and meet the rest of the crew. We just cannot wait for you to join our site and join the rest of the Padded world for fun times. We would love to have you signup for a membership! If you do, please follow the instructions, or you won't be approved.

Please Note: We are very, VERY serious about our rules! So please take a moment and click here for the "Terms of Use".